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Student Affairs

Delila Omerbasic (SOPA) (23)

Faculty Members
Moises Arce (SLA) (23)
Coleen Cicale (SSW) (23)
Elma LeDoux (SOM) (23)
Aaron Maus (SSE) (25)
Timothy McEvoy (Law) (23)
John Stubbs (Arch) (24)
Mike Wilson (ABF) (23)
TBD (SPHTM) (23)

Student Members
USG President: TBD (23)
GAPSA President: Ania Smith (23)
Multicultural Council President: TBD (23)
USG: Kalil Mosquera (23)
USG: Wendy Yang (23)

Ex Officio
VP, Student Affairs: Dusty Porter

Executive: to consider requests for expungements of student conduct records.

Advisory: to advise the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students and the University Senate on all matters affecting student life, including non-academic policies, such as the Tulane Code of Conduct and the Tulane Alcohol Policy. This Committee will consider student organizations, student publications, housing of students, student health, student conduct and discipline, diversity and multicultural affairs, co-curricular activities, auxiliary and student services, and similar social and cultural aspects of student life. The Committee advises the Senate on basic policies governing student affairs; founding of student organizations; housing, bookstore, food services, and health services.

The Committee shall be composed of voting members appointed as follows:

9 faculty members: one from the School of Liberal Arts, one from the School of Science and Engineering, one from Architecture, one from Business, one from the Medical School, one from the Law School, one from Public Health and Tropical Medicine, one from the School of Continuing Studies, one from the School of Social Work.

7 student members: Ex officio student members: President of the USG or designee, President of GAPSA or designee, President of Multicultural Council or designee; At-Large student members: Two graduate students nominated by GAPSA, Two undergraduate students nominated by USG.

Non voting members will include the Vice President of Student Affairs. Guests may be invited dependent on the focus of the work.