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Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Grievances Against Faculty

Dennis Kehoe (SLA) (25)

Faculty Members
Rick Ager (SSW) (23)
Henry Bart (SSE) (25)
Arachu Castro (SPHTM) (25)
Adrienne Colella (ABF) (24)
Erin Donelon (Law) (25)
Keith Ferdinand (SOM) (23)
Cynthia Hanemann (SOM) (25)
Hua He (SPHTM) (24)
Jordan Karubian (SSE) (24)
Nghana Lewis (SLA) (25)
Sarudzayi Matambanadzo (Law) (23)
Kay McLennan (SOPA) (23)
Graham Owen (Arch) (24)
Harish Sujan (ABF) (24)

Executive: To consider grievances alleging faculty violations of Tulane University’s Equal Opportunity/Anti-Discrimination policies and make findings and recommend remedial actions and/or sanctions to the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. This process does not apply to faculty on appointments of less than a year or on the first year of appointment. Those grievances are handled directly by the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) and Human Resources.

Advisory: To provide a yearly report to the Senate identifying the number of grievances received, the number that led to hearings and the time to resolution in each case.

Two full-time tenured faculty members from each of the larger schools (Law, Liberal Arts, Business, Science and Engineering, and Public Health), two senior faculty members from the School of Medicine, one senior full-time faculty member from each of the Schools of Architecture, Social Work, and Professional Advancement of the University.  Faculty members shall elect members in competitive elections for non-renewable three-year staggered terms. Faculty who hold administrative appointments with dean or provost in the title are not eligible to serve.  The committee shall elect its own chair.