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Budget Review

Brian Brox (SLA) (23)

Faculty Members
Joan Blakey (SSW) (23)
Marie Dahleh (SSE) (23)
Mollye Demosthenidy (SPHTM) (23)
Guadalupe García (NTC) (23)
Brian McNamara (SOPA) (23)
Casius Pealer (Arch) (24)
Derek Pociask (SOM) (25)
Sheri Tice (ABF) (23)
Mary Yanik (Law) (25)

Additional Faculty Members
Nishad Kapadia (ABF) (24)
Wei Long (SLA) (22)

Staff Members
Tsetsa Dankova Rosensteel (Uptown Representative) (23)
Nadia Jenkins (Downtown Representative) (23)

Student Members
Peyton Friedlander (USG) (22)
Kalil Mosquera (USG) (22)
TBD (GAPSA) (22)

Ex Officio (non-voting)
Robin Forman (Sr VP, Academic Affairs & Provost)
Patrick Norton (Sr VP & COO)
Ginny Wise (Sr VP, Development)
Lee Hamm (Sr VP, Health Sciences and Dean, SOM)
Shawn Abbott (VP, Enrollment & Dean of Admission)


Administrative Liaison (non-voting)
Associate Provost: Ana Lopez
Budget Officer: Judy Vitrano
University Controller: Jim Wandling


1) To review the conformity of the annual University budget with short-range and long-range priorities of the University and expressions of policy by the Senate.
2) The Chair of the Committee shall sit with the appropriate committees of the administration as they formulate budget-policy guidelines for the coming year and when categories of the budget are discussed and adopted.
3) The Committee on Budget Review shall bring to the attention of the Senate any instances of purported inconsistencies of the budget with priorities or policies as well as any other allocations which in the committee's opinion are not in the best interests of the University.
4) Each academic year, the Committee shall review, prior to their adoption, the budget assumptions proposed by the Administration upon which a budget for the following academic year shall be built.
5) Each academic year, the Committee shall review, prior to its adoption, the budget proposed by the Administration for the following academic year.
6) The Committee may respond to requests from the President, or offer advice directly to the President. Concurrently, the Committee shall report such advice to the Senate.
7) To review regularly with the Executive VP for University Relations and Development matters pertaining to the development activities of the University and to make recommendations to the Senate in the area of development.


The Budget Review Committee shall be composed of 17 voting members: twelve faculty members, three students, and two staff members, one from the Uptown campus, and the other from Downtown or elsewhere.

1) The Committee on Committees, with the President's advice, shall select one faculty member from each of the following schools: Architecture, Business, Continuing Studies, Law, Liberal Arts, Medicine, Newcomb-Tulane College, Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Science and Engineering, and Social Work.

2) The ten faculty members, the two staff members, and the three student members shall select two additional faculty members, at least one of whom shall have a background in economics or business.

3) In addition, (i) the Sr. VP for Operations and CFO, the Budget Officer, the Sr. VP for Academic Affairs and Provost, the Sr. VP and Dean of the School of Medicine, the Executive VP for University Relations and Development, and the VP for Enrollment Management or their designees shall serve as resource personnel for the committee and shall meet with the committee regularly, and (ii) the President, in consultation with the committee chair, may designate additional representatives of the University's central administration to meet with the committee regularly.