Academic Freedom & Responsibility of Students

Karissa Haugeberg (SLA) (23)

Faculty Members
Renata Ribeiro (SSE) (23)
Mark Wessman (Law) (23)

Representative of the Administration (voting)
Ana Lopez (Associate Provost)

Student Members
Omar Ahmad (USG) (22)
Nel Ganguli (USG) (22)
TBD (GAPSA) (22)

Executive: To consider appeals of students related to their academic freedom and responsibility and financial aid in accordance with policies and procedures approved by the Senate.

Advisory: To recommend to the Senate policies describing rights and responsibilities of students.

Two undergraduate and one graduate student; three faculty members, each from a different academic constituency (one of which will be Law), to serve for a terms of two years; and one representative from the Academic Administration, who shall be appointed by the Committee on Committees. The Chair of the Committee shall be a faculty member.