Physical Facilities

Ronald J. Scalise, Jr. (Law) (25)

Faculty Members
Marcello Canuto (SLA, Humanities) (23)
Bruce Goodwin (Arch) (24)
Karissa Haugeberg (SLA, Social Sciences) (23)
Colin Jackson (SSE, Science) (26)
Jeremy Jernegan (SLA, Fine Arts) (25)
David Lesmond (ABF) (24)
Hong Liu (SOM) (25)
Xin Lu (SSE, Engineering) (25)
Stephen Murphy (SPHTM) (22)
Mike Wallace (SOPA) (23)
TBD (SSW) (25)

Student Members
TBD (TUA) (24)
TBD (TUA) (24)
TBD (GAPSA) (downtown) (24)
TBD (GAPSA) (uptown) (24)

Staff Member
Matthew Tombaugh (23)

Administrative Members (voting)
Dean, Architecture: Iñaki Alday

Ex Officio Members (non-voting)
Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer: Patrick Norton
Director of Security: Jarrod Sullivan
University Architect: Amanda Rivera
Vice President, Facilities Management & Campus Development: Randolph Philipson
Senior Associate Vice President for Facilities: Michael Guidry

Administrative Liaison
COO: Patrick Norton
Advisory: on the development of plans for the physical facilities of the University, including general policies on allocations of space and physical plant. There shall be at least one standing sub-committee, the Sub-Committee on Traffic and Security, having the following functions: Executive: pertaining to reserved space for parking; Judicial: for assessment of fines or appeals for traffic violations; and  Advisory: to make recommendations to the Administration.

Twelve faculty members; three from the School of Liberal Arts (one in social science, one in humanities, one in fine arts), two from the School of Science and Engineering (one in science, one in engineering); one each from the remaining academic constituencies of the University excepting the Newcomb-Tulane College; two members of the Administration; four students (two from the Newcomb-Tulane College, one from the uptown professional schools and one from the Health Sciences Center); and one staff member, appointed by the Staff Advisory Committee. Ex officio and non-voting members to include the Chief Operating Officer, the Vice President for Facilities and Campus Development, the Associate Vice President for Facilities, and the University Architect.