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Giovanni Piedimonte, Vice President for Research
Faculty Members
Kevin Callison (SPHTM, Faculty Downtown) (22)
Cynthia Ebinger (SSE) (23)
Ron Scalise (Law, Faculty Uptown) (23)
Mark J. VanLandingham (SPHTM) (22)
Justin Wolfe (SLA) (22)
Andrea Zsombok (SOM) (24)

Ex Officio Members (non-voting)
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost: Robin Forman
Senior Vice President and Dean, School of Medicine: Lee Hamm
Interim Dean of Libraries: Andy Corrigan
Director, Sponsored Projects Administration: Kathleen Kozar
University Research Compliance Officer: Brian Weimer
Executive Director, Technology Transfer & Intellectual Property Development: John Christie

1) To review and make recommendations to the Vice-President for Research concerning:
a) the efficacy of new policies and procedures that affect research, development or training;
b) the extent to which ongoing policies and practices enhance the acquisition and management of grants and contracts;
c) the quality of support services provided to faculty who are attempting to acquire or have acquired external funding.

2) To coordinate and monitor the activities of subcommittee(s).

3) To review grant/contract proposals submitted by the Sponsored Projects Administration that raise important research issues for the institution, such as involvement in classified research, restrictions on publications, use of research personnel, etc., and determine the final disposition of such matters.

4)  To review grant/contract proposals that raise important patent issues.

1) To recommend policies relating to research.

2) To review the activities of the Institutional Review Boards, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees, the Institutional Biosafety Committee, and the Environmental Health and Science Operations Committee.

3)  To review and make recommendations regarding University patent policies and procedures.

Voting members of the Research Committee will include the vice president for research as chair, one faculty member each from the School of Medicine, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, School of Science and Engineering, and School of Liberal Arts, one additional faculty member from the uptown faculty, and one additional faculty member from the downtown faculty. Ex officio non‐voting members include the senior vice president and dean of School of Medicine, the senior vice president for academic affairs and provost, the dean of libraries, the director of sponsored projects administration, the university research compliance officer, and the executive director for technology transfer and intellectual property development.

The Research Fellowships sub-committee shall be chaired by the associate provost for graduate studies and research, who shall select members as follows: the vice president of research (ex officio member), two members from the School of Science and Engineering faculty, two members from the School of Liberal Arts faculty, two members from the School of Medicine faculty, two members from the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine faculty, and one member from the uptown faculty at large.