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Faculty & Staff Benefits

Christopher Fettweis (SLA) (22)

Faculty Members
Alexander Burin (SSE) (23)
Abigail Chaffin (SOM) (24)
Chris Fettweis (SLA) (22)
Judith Kinnard (Arch) (24)
Mathias Kronlund (ABF) (24)
Sarudzayi Matambanadzo (Law) (25)
Russell Robins (ABF) (23)
Dale Shuger (SLA) (23)
Erica Smith (SOPA) (25)
Lauren Terzis (SSW) (23)


Staff Members (3 Exempt & 3 Non-Exempt)
Shannon Aicklen (23)
Trina Beck (23)
Ashley Hicks (23)
Jonathan Remkes (23)
TBD (23)
TBD (23)

At-Large Staff Member
Julia Henriquez Aldana (Chair, Staff Advisory Council) (23)

Ex Officio (non-voting)
Associate Vice President, Human Resources & Institutional Equity: Jonathan Small
Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer: Patrick Norton
Director of Benefits: Kristy Roger

Administrative Liaison
General Counsel: Victoria D. Johnson

Advisory: on the study and development of benefit plans including, but not limited to, educational benefits for dependents, insurance, housing, retirement programs, sabbaticals, and leaves.

Chair, a faculty member; two faculty members from the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences; one faculty member from each of the other academic constituencies of the University excepting the Newcomb-Tulane College; three exempt staff; three non-exempt staff; one at-large staff member (the Chair of the Staff Advisory Committee); the Vice-President for Human Resources and the Chief Financial Officer as ex officio non-voting members.