TBD (23)

Faculty Members
Rosanne Adderley (SLA) (23)
Nathalie Busschaert (SSE) (25)
Leslie Geddes (SLA) (23)
Maurya Glaude (SSW) (23)
Michael Joyce (SSE) (24)
Dennis Kehoe (SLA) (23)
Irene Keil (Arch) (24)
Myo Myint (SOM) (24)
TBD (HSC) (23)

Student Members
TBD (TUA) (24)
TBD (TUA) (24)
TBD (GAPSA) (22)

Professional Librarian
Ann Case (HTML)

Ex Officio Members (non-voting)
Dean of Libraries: Lindsay Cronk
Director, Medical Library: Keith Pickett
Director, Law Library: James E. Duggan
Librarian, Business Library: Tim Coady

Administrative Liaison
Associate Provost: TBD

Executive: to develop policy recommendations for operating the Libraries.

Advisory: To advise the Dean of Libraries and Academic Information Resources and other Library Directors in the formulation of policies concerning the character, use, and development of library collections and facilities; to receive regular reports from library administrators on the condition and status of university libraries; to offer a forum for discussion of library-related matters deemed to be of interest to the university community; to review and evaluate library policy; and to report regularly to the Senate on the condition of the libraries.

Seven faculty members: three from the School of Liberal Arts, two from the School of Science and Engineering, one from the remaining uptown professional schools, and one from the Health Sciences Center; three students (two undergraduate and one graduate); and a professional librarian. Ex officio (non-voting) members to include the Dean of Libraries and the Directors of the Medical, Law and Business School Libraries.