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Social Issues

Coleen Cicale (SSW) (serving in place of Catherine McKinley, on sabbatical) (21)

Faculty Members
Edson Cabalfin (Arch) (23)
Coleen Cicale (SSW) (23)
Jonathan Morton (SLA) (23)
Alexandra Sims (SSE) (23)

Student Members
Jamie Roa (USG) (22)
Akira Shelton (USG) (22)
TBD (GAPSA) (22)

Staff Members
Tsetsa Dankova-Steel (23)

Administrative Representative
Carolyn Barber Pierre

Executive: a) To review, in response to petitions brought forth from the faculty, staff, and/or students of the university, university policies and practices that do not fall within the purview of other Standing Senate Committees, or aspects of such policies and practices, that may be inconsistent with fundamental human values. b) To review regularly with the President of the University matters pertaining to social issues affecting the university.

Advisory: To make recommendations to the Senate concerning matters pertaining to social issues affecting the University.

Chair, a faculty member; three additional faculty members, each from a different academic constituency; three students, each from a different academic constituency; one staff member; and one representative of the Administration, to be appointed.

All proposals must be submitted by an individual, and we will not accept anonymous proposals.

The Social Issues Committee will acknowledge the receipt of the proposal within one week, and it will respond to the proposal within sixty days during the regular academic calendar. Individuals may be asked to meet with the Social Issues Committee to present their concerns or proposals more fully.

To submit a petition, please e-mail the current committee chair: ccicale@tulane.edu.